This morning I ate three bananas, the last five cherries, and some sunflower seeds. That did me until lunch which was good because I had a very stressful morning. I was hit with problems as soon as I got to my desk and they went on through lunch.

One of the girls had brought tortilla chips and dip (cheese type) and everyone was amazed that I wasn’t even tempted. That left more for them!

Lunch was a large salad and almonds. I didn’t take any watermelon, though I’ve been craving it. Better than craving Cheez-Its and macaroni, huh? I didn’t need to have the extra fluid since I had to go to get my teeth cleaned.

It was quite a bit out of the way but after the Torturer got through with all the picking and digging, I went to the Fresh Market and found a gold mine! A lot of their produce is organic and reasonably priced. The only thing I got that was splurging was Clementines and then I found a rotten one when I got them home.

Next, I went to Panera Bread (of all places!). Last year, I had won the grand prize in the handwashing campaign and part of it was a gift card for Panera Bread. I had $14.48 left on it. I’m not a great admirer of Panera, anyway. To me, it is the usual squishy commercial bread in a fancy setting. To get back to what I did, I told the girl at the counter to give me $14 worth of whatever would keep until tomorrow. She and one of the fellows got a tray with a paper doily and put all sorts of “goodies” on it. They threw in a couple of things for nothing. When they rang it up, it came to $13.96 and I still had money left on the card. I told them I wanted to spend it all so I had her add a cookie to the tray and I paid another 95 cents. Now that’s something I won’t have in my purse.

I went on to Wal*Mart and got some more food. They had some nice organic celery, for one thing. Oh! I got some organic Bing cherries at Whole Foods. They cost about twice what the others do but I can eat them without ingesting pesticides.

By the time I got home, I was beginning to wilt. I grabbed a couple of small bananas and ate them then started putting the loot away. While I was stowing stuff, I munched on a Clementine and then had a large plum. After I started on this, I remembered the rest of a mango in the fridge so I got it out and finished it off.

During lunch today, I fielded remarks about my diet. The one I hear most often is that it would be hard to do without cooked food. My stock answer is that I thought it would be, too, but it isn’t. I do wonder what will happen when it gets to be cold weather and good produce isn’t readily available.

I wore a pair of pants today that have been too snug up until recently. There was something new I noticed the other day. When I pull in my stomach muscles, my belly button moves! It used to be like they weren’t attached. There’s still a lot of fat on top of those muscles but it’s going down. One of the men at work looked at me today and said, “Lookin’ good, Tommie!” As my mother would say, “Aye, law.” On that note, I’m going to go brush my teeth and get ready for bed.

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