I’ve been to my oldest son’s place where we had the birthday celebration and now I’m at my second son’s place. I had my salad for lunch plus some soaked almonds. They had mashed potatoes, FriChik, green beans, cake, and ice cream and I wasn’t even tempted.

This is the only place I ever weigh, other than the doctor’s office and they make me do that. As soon as I got here, my daughter-in-law told me to get on the scales. I did, with the stipulation that I would tell her how much, if any, I’ve lost and not how much I weigh. She agreed so I hightailed it to the bathroom. When I took my shoes off, I got on the scales and steeled myself for disappointment. What a shock when they showed an eleven pound weight loss since I was here last! That was the weekend after I got back from NYC which would have been May 29! I think that most of it has been in the past 12 days, though, which would be almost a pound a day if it is. I’d lost five pounds between the time I went to FL May 13 and then. I’m psyched!

Gotta go!

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