I need to get ready to go in a couple of hours. There are things I still need to do but I’ll update here.

The clock said a little past 9:30 when I went to bed last night and I planned to sleep in but I woke before 5. Since I didn’t have to get up that early, I lay in bed for another half hour or more. After I realized that I wasn’t going to go back to sleep, I got up and started on the day. I BodyFlex’ed and did a few minutes on the Track and the Rider.

I decided I’d try the limeade this morning so I squeezed one lime, added some agave nectar, and about 8 ozzies of water. I stirred it well and tried to enjoy it but try as I would, it still wasn’t as good as it is with sugar. I may get to the place that I won’t feel that way any more but I haven’t yet.

My breakfast was a couple tablespoons of soaked sunflower seeds, two small bananas, a bowl of peaches (even with some agave nectar, they were still sour), some Queen Anne cherries, and the rest of the mango. I hope I can get some more that are that good. I used to order them by the box from Florida and I may do that again. I can afford more fresh fruit and veggies since I’m not spending money on prepared foods.

As soon as I got through eating, I brushed my teeth. Acid fruit like peaches really make my teeth sensitive. I’ve done some research and found that it’s best to brush with soap but I haven’t been that brave yet. One site advises castile soap but Wal*Mart didn’t have it. I found a site online that has directions for making it and I might try my hand at that sometime.

Some more observations…My sense of smell is more keen that it was. I gave my cat her Sabbath treat of canned cat food and the smell was not overwhelming but it got close. Maybe it was whelming? Also, even though I am far from being light, I feel that way. It’s a surprise to look in the mirror and still see rolls of fat. I do have to say, though, that the rolls are smaller than they were a couple of weeks ago. Let’s see, today is Day Nine being 100% raw and I feel great!

This is when I would usually head for church but I’d told everyone I’d be gone today so I decided I would have a quiet morning and just do things as I needed to. I think I’ll go take a bath. I usually shower so that will be a change of pace, too. Once in awhile it’s necessary.

I think that’s it for now.

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