Comment on the iceburg lettuce

Comment on the iceburg lettuce–it is one of the most suspect foods for parasites. That doesn’t worry me a whole lot because I take 4,000 mg of MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) a day and have been doing that for probably a couple of years now. I should keep a journal on things like that but I don’t. Anyway, the fact is that MSM doesn’t allow the parasites to grab hold of anything and they are swept out of the body along with the other waste. As far as what MSM is, it is an organic sulfur compound that exists to some extent in all living things. MSM is a basic nutrient required for the proper functioning of the body. And unfortunately, MSM is also probably not sufficient in our diets today. Even the raw foods don’t have enough any more. The first time I heard of it was when James Coburn came forward and admitted that he had been on an MSM regimen for his arthritis. It was considered controversial then and it probably still is. My mother had arthritis and two of my sisters have it. I was beginning to have some twinges in my right hand so I started investigating. Since the sister next to me is willing to try anything to help including something that came from “pig’s feet or the bottom of a swamp” I let her in on it. I went through the 1,000 mg a day on up to 48,000 mg then tapered off to 4,000 mg maintenance level. It really helped me and I could feel a real difference. The only detox symptom I noticed was a few blisters on my tongue but they went away in a few days. Bless her heart, she has a hard time tolerating anything and the 1,000 mg about did her in.

During one Christmas season, my daughter came home and I got her started on MSM. She didn’t take any of mine back with her, though I offered it to her. She thought that, if her luggage were searched, some unidentified white powder might be questioned. When she got home, she bought some MSM but it must have had traces of DMSO left in it because her body odor got to be very bad and her boyfriend complained. She quit taking it rather than trying something else. I was reading last night that one of the side effects of DMSO (the parent of MSM) is a bad odor.

I’m off to see my two sons and their families today. Tomorrow is my older granddaughter’s 10th birthday. I warned them yesterday that I’m eating only raw foods now and the reaction was “Fine, but don’t expect us to do it.” I hate to take a bunch of fresh food and not share it but I didn’t stop anywhere except to buy the corn and a few peaches. I’ll have access to some good produce tomorrow at the local health food store. It has everything from organic fresh stuff to fake steak and phony baloney. I think I’ll hit it before I start back home on Monday, too.

The time is fastly going by, as one of my high school teachers used to say–and he was serious!

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