I overslept so I just BodyFlex’ed

I overslept so I just BodyFlex’ed and didn’t do any minutes on the Nordic Track or Healthrider. My counter doesn’t show that anyone (as in my sister) has been on here to read my blog since I checked it last night. I’m on good old dialup (I live so far out in the boonies that nothing else is available) so I don’t have a static address. Whenever I click on my page, the counter changes so a lot of those numbers are mine.

I’m on my second glass of water. I’ve cut down some on my water consumption because I was getting horrendous leg cramps and it was suggested on a forum that it might be due to my water consumption. I get a lot more water from my food now that it’s raw and there is an opinion out there that says that people who eat 100% raw may not need to drink water at all. I’m not going to that extreme (what I’m doing now is considered extreme, anyhow) but I have cut back from 36 ozzies in the morning to only 24. When I was a kid, I thought lb. should be pronounced “lub” and a few years ago, Charlie Brown and one of the others in the gang (I don’t remember which one but it was a girl) were discussing math and she said that what confused her were libs and ozzies. It may be mostly universal in the younger set. I was in a grocery store in my hometown some time back (it’s closed now, due to the current in-the-toilet economy) and a Hispanic family was over by the loose candy display having an animated exchange. Since I don’t understand much of the language, I was going about my business of buying all sorts of expensive “food” when one of the men came over and said, “Excuse me, ma’am, but what is a lab?” I explained to him that it meant “pound” and he was grateful for the info.

This is a little connected to the last subject since it’s in regards to shopping in the supermarket. There are posts on forums that talk about how much more expensive it is to eat raw. What I have noticed is that, when the prepared foods are left off, my bill ends up being either about the same or less than before and I’m getting better quality nutrition. I’ve always been careful to buy fresh food in the best condition but I’m more aware of it now since it isn’t going to be disguised by cooking and various butters and sauces. One of the girls at work asked, “Aren’t you afraid of the pesticides you get from raw food?” My question is, “Does cooking make them disappear?” I think not. I wash the fresh stuff and even use soap on some of it so I think I’m still doing myself a favor. The ingredients list is much shorter, too. If you look on a label, it seems the print is much smaller on the ingredient list because they are getting longer and longer with all the unpronounceables.

This is an almost complete change of subject. My tastebuds are working! Not that they weren’t, but I can taste little bits of flavor that I wasn’t aware of before. It’s like they used to be tired and lay down on the job but now they’re awake. If that part of my body is working better, doesn’t it stand to reason that the rest of it is, too?

Time is marching on as it has a habit of doing so I’d better get with the program.

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