Lunch was the usual–a huge salad

Lunch was the usual—a huge salad but this time I preceded it with a handful of soaked almonds. Not bad. I put some celery in the salad and left out the jicama and green pepper. Other than that, it was pretty much the same.

I’ve had a lot of energy today and got more done than usual. My daughter called to check on me. We talked for almost an hour and a half. The big news is that she has lost four pounds and my SIL has lost eight. Why is it that men can lose so easily and women can’t? Though four pounds in a week is nothing to sneeze at. If I could do that, I’d be lighter by 52 pounds by the last week of September. My daughter isn’t hypothyroid, so that could make a difference. I’ll take whatever I can get.

Supper was a small banana, watermelon, and 1/3 an avocado. I managed to tip over the bowl with the almonds in it and killed a couple of trees getting the water up off the counter.

Better sign off for tonight. I need to go make the bed. I’d intended to do that earlier but never got it done.

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