I got up late this morning

I got up late this morning—another night that I had trouble sleeping. I’ve found that, as long as I am resting in bed, I’m okay the next day. I ended up taking one Melatonin (the second time this week) and I overslept AGAIN. I was listening to the Sabbath School Lesson discussion with Jonathan Gallagher and Graham Maxwell and got so engrossed that I lost all track of time. It was 15 minutes until I was supposed to leave for church and I hadn’t showered or dressed. That’s kind of obvious. I don’t get dressed until after I’ve showered. Do you know anyone who does?

It wasn’t going to be the end of the world if I didn’t make it on time. I have taken a year off from playing the organ so I calmed down and got things done at a reasonable pace, including finishing my breakfast. And guess what I had! Approximately two tablespoons raw sunflower seeds, 1/3 avocado, two small bananas, pineapple, a couple slices mango, a peach (the sweetest so far), and 1/2 a large Bosc pear. I decided to wait until this evening for cantaloupe or watermelon.

Today was Communion and I decided that it wouldn’t be right for me to turn down the bread and grape juice because they weren’t raw. They only reinforced the fact that processed ruins things. The bread was underdone and a lump of stuff in my mouth that was hard to appreciate. The grape juice may have been opened last time and left to develop a small amount of alcohol. It definitely tasted winy. It made my stomach burn a little (the quantity wasn’t enough to do any harm, I wouldn’t think, but it doesn’t take much poison to kill a person, either).

After the service was over, I went to the school to recover the mill that I had loaned them for Vacation Bible School. I use it to grind flax seeds and had been without it for a full week and they’d decided not to use it! While I was in there, I was ALMOST done in by the smells coming from the kitchen. I had been invited to stay for lunch but I used the excuse that I had to know ahead of time so I could bring my vitamins and calcium. I made it out the door when I ran into one of my sister’s college classmates. He shook my hand and said, “That’s a fancy machine.” I told him it’s what I use to grind flax seed. He said, “Do you eat a lot of flax seed?” I said probably not as much as I should. He smiled really big and said, “Flax seed gives me the trots.” With that I took my leave.

My energy level was getting low so I took a brief (for me) nap. It ended up being maybe an hour and a half since I had a hard time falling asleep. I was tired but I still couldn’t sleep. If I had thought of it, I would have read because that always puts me out.

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