Well, I did it. Ate more, that is.

Well, I did it. Ate more, that is. I butchered one of the pineapples and it is fairly good. I keep remembering the ones my sister-in-law brought over from Hawaii for my in-law’s golden anniversary celebration. We’d stand over the kitchen sink with juice running down and dripping off our elbows. I’m afraid I made a pig of myself but they were SO GOOD! Back to the one tonight…I have a neat tool that spiral slices pineapple and cores it at the same time. It’s plastic and cracked in a place or two. A supermarket that has since closed its doors had a buy a pineapple get the tool free deal so I went for it. I twist the top out, cut off about 1/2 inch, then carefully place the center of the tool over the core of the pineapple. It doesn’t take a whole lot of energy to turn the thingy and it easily slices through the meat. To get it out, I press on the release and take the handle out which lets the suction loose and I can pull the slices out. The core is sticking up out of the gutted carcass of the pineapple. I put the juice in the container with the slices that I’m going to put in the fridge. I can’t stand throwing away anything that can be eaten so I cut the shell in two and shave off what I can and eat it right then and there. YUMMY! I think I’ve eaten all I plan to for today. Until next time…

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